Ascend Peaks In Climber: Sky Is The Limit On Nintendo Switch

Climber: Sky Is The Limit Logo

Art Games Studio and A2 Softworks have revealed that Climber: Sky Is The Limit will release on Nintendo Switch.

This mountain climbing simulator has looked to combine survival features with the “exciting elements” of an expedition.

That will see you conquer “progressively higher and more difficult peaks” across the world, which covers real-life mountains such as Mount Everest, Broad Peak and K2.

“For many people the mountains are like a magnet, especially the most mysterious and inaccessible ones,” explains Art Games Studio CEO Jakub Bąk.

“In our game, we want to introduce the fascinating passion of mountain climbing by focusing on realism and accurate mapping of the elements that can affect the trek of such expeditions. While working on the game we were inspired by literature on the topic and plan on consulting expert climbers.”

That will see you challenged to overcome obstacles like avalanches, steep cliffs and unexpected weather, while you will be required to raise funds for each expedition and purchasing the appropriate equipment and food.

A2 Softworks CEO Andrzej Stroiński adds: “Players will experience a unique combination of survival and simulation. Climbing is just one aspect of the game. The second consists of all the other elements that influence successfully reaching the summit.

“In Climber: Sky is the Limit you will have to take into consideration a whole range of aspects including strength recovery, proper nutrition, and body temperature. This game will appeal to both climbing enthusiasts and casual players without any climbing experience.”

Climber: Sky Is The Limit will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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