Ary And The Secret Of Seasons Receives New Overview Trailer

Ary And The Secret Of Seasons Screenshot

Modus Games, eXiin and Fishing Cactus have released a new overview trailer for Ary and the Secret of Seasons.

This action-exploration game follows the journey of Aryelle (Ary), a young girl that joins the mysterious Guardians of Seasons – taking on a role that is traditionally reserved for young men.

She is tasked with successfully restoring the seasons in the magnificent world of Valdi, a challenge that no other guardian has ever accomplished that will require strength, determination, and self-control.

That will see her overcome monstrous enemies, secret plots and stuffy traditions to bring back balance to the world and restore order from chaos.

With the ability to summon small spheres that act as tiny ecosystems for each system, Ary can change the environment that is contained within them.

Three can be opened at any one time, meaning that she can leap from winter to summer to autumn – something that the developer has used to create environmental puzzles to put your brain to the test.

Ary and the Secret of Seasons will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2020.

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