Art Academy: Atelier paints a picture on Wii U in June


Art Academy: Atelier will transform the Wii U GamePad into an artist’s canvas next month, after it was first announced as E3 2013’s Nintendo Direct.

The educational software series continues by building on Art Academy: SketchPad, budding artists studying in Lessons Mode where friendly master Vince will take you through increasingly complex classes across Beginner, Advanced and Tools categories. This will steadily introduce the materials and tools used to draw and paint your creations – which includes charcoal for the first time – helping to familiarise you with techniques that will help your understanding of when they should be used.

Images can be imported and exported by using an SD Card, or you can share it directly through Miiverse where predefined tags will help you look for creations that others have posted in the Art Academy: Atelier Community.

However Atelier’s neatest touch is that you can share the creative process of your artwork in a time-lapse video on YouTube, that can be set to be either one, two or five minutes in length. Nintendo add that art can also be displayed in a virtual Gallery, where a Family Wall will allow all everyone linked on the same Wii U to “contribute their artistic touch to the same canvas.”

Art Academy: Atelier will launch exclusively for Wii U in Europe on June 26th, with a Nintendo eShop discount available to those that purchased Art Academy: SketchPad. This will see Art Academy: Atelier priced at £21.40 (€26), rather than £24.99 (€29.99) as normal.

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