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ARMS Update Version 5.2.0 Now Available

Nintendo has released a new software update for ARMS, that sees the extendable arm-flinging fighter on version 5.2.0.

This adds the Big Time ARMS mode from Party Crash to regular battles, adds new images to the Gallery, adjusts abilities of some fighters and ARMS, and implements two bug fixes.

ARMS Update Version 5.2 Patch Notes

  • The Party Crash mode “Big Time ARMS” can now be selected in regular battle as well, so you can try something a little different. Feel free to use it as a handicap!
    • Prior to battle, when selecting ARMS, you can toggle this on and off with the Y button.
    • This feature can be used in Versus – Fight.
    • Can’t be used in online battles.
  • Added 15 new images to Gallery.
  • Fixed issue where fighters with super armor would not have their ARMS disabled by electric attacks during a rush attack.
  • Fixed issue where a noise would repeatedly play if communication was lost while Dr. Coyle had her extra ARMS out.
  • Adjusted abilities of some fighters and ARMS as on Nintendo of America’s website.
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