ARMS Update Version 3.1.0 Now Available


Nintendo has released a new update for their Nintendo Switch exclusive brawler, ARMS.

This introduces a new Sparring Ring versus stage, fixes an issue that has been identified in Hedlok Scramble, addressed a problem where the rewards for 1-on-100 change if played while searching for a Ranked Match, and makes adjustments to some fighters and ARMS.

Changes Made In ARMS Update Version 3.1.0

  • The versus stage Sparring Ring can now be selected.
    • It’s a square stage without gimmicks, used in the Warm-Up minigame.
    • Enjoy some serious bouts while enjoying the soundtrack of the ARMS Official Song (Electro-dance Ver.).
    • Sparring Ring will also appear as a stage in Ranked Match.
  • Fixed an issue in Hedlok Scramble where sometimes Guardian and Clapback ARMS would fail to expand.
  • Fixed issue where the rewards for 1-on-100 would change if played while searching for a Ranked Match.
  • Adjusted some fighters and ARMS as shown on the Nintendo Support website.
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