ARMS Update Version 3.0 Introduces Lola Pop And Customisable Controls


Nintendo has released a new software update for ARMS, seeing the Nintendo Switch exclusive brawler now on version 3.0.

This primarily introduces the well-travelled clown Lola Pop as a new fighter, three new ARMS in the Funchuk, Biffler, and Clapback, the Via Dolce stage, and the chance to freely customise the control scheme.

There are other tweaks outlined below, such as stun charge attacks immobilising fighters for longer, hitting an armoured opponent delaying your ARMS retracting, addressing issues with bomb blasts, and wider adjustments to fighters and ARMS.

Changes Made In ARMS Update Version 3.0

  • New fighter Lola Pop can now be selected.
  • New ARM Funchuk added.
  • New ARM Biffler added.
  • New ARM Clapback added.
  • New stage Via Dolce added.
  • Customize Controls menu added.
    • This allows you to freely customize button mappings.
    • Access by pressing X on the fighter select screen, or from the pause menu in battle.
  • Condition for unlocking Ranked Match has changed from clearing Grand Prix on Level 4 to clearing Grand Prix on Level 1.
  • Stun charge attacks will now immobilize fighters for longer.
  • Fire charge attack damage has been reduced by 10.
  • After landing a hit on an armored opponent, there will now be a momentary delay before the ARM starts to retract.
  • In modes with multiple opponents, removed function where the targeted opponent would automatically switch to another opponent when the targeted opponent was knocked down.
  • Fixed issue where bomb blasts would not knock down players during their rush attack.
  • Fixed issue where bomb blasts could not be guarded when playing 1-punch KO.
  • Fixed issue where, under certain conditions, after connecting a wind type rush attack follow up attacks would be impossible.
  • Fixed issue where even in the process of shooting an ARM it was possible to charge-up when on a trampoline.
  • Fixed issue in Hedlok Scramble where if a communication error occurred at a specific time it would become impossible to grab the Hedlok powerup.
  • Fixed issue where fighters would sometimes go out of bounds during fights against Hedlok.
  • Adjusted some fighters and ARMS as detailed on Nintendo of America’s support website.
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