ARMS Update Version 1.1.0 Now Available


Nintendo has released a new version 1.1.0 software update for ARMS, addressing bugs and introducing LAN and Arena modes in the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

LAN Play opens the way for official and local community tournaments, in allowing players to hook up multiple Nintendo Switch consoles.

Meanwhile, Arena mode lets up to four players join a lobby, where they will fight each other in one-on-one matches while the other players spectate.

Changes Made In ARMS Update Version 1.1.0

  • ”LAN Play” support added. You can now battle against players via LAN. On the Top Menu, click and hold the Left Stick and then press L+R to switch between “Local” and “LAN Play.”
  • ”Arena Mode” added. This mode focuses on serious 1-on-1 matches and can be played via “Friends,””Local,” or “LAN Play.” Up to 4 players can be in the arena, and players not currently fighting watch as spectators.
  • Fixed issue where Kid Cobra was able to repeatedly do a charge dash while riding snake boards.
  • Fixed issue where Barq would warp a great distance away after Byte & Barq perform a rush attack while on a snake board.
  • Fixed issue where ARMs such as the Chakram would pass through the purple light boxes in the Ribbon Ring stage.
  • Fixed issue where Biff referred to the “ARMS Grand Prix” as the “AMRS Grand Prix.”
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