ARMS Pummels June 16th Release Date Into Submission


ARMS took to the spotlight once again in this week’s Nintendo Direct, showcasing the Nintendo Switch exclusive brawler.

We once again learned that the ability to equip two types of customisable ARMS per fighter will be a key consideration, which ranges from standard gloved arms to curved weapons like boomerangs. Each will have a special attribute such as fire, ice or electricity that activates when players deliver a charge punch.

Players will earn in-game currency as they trade blows across the game, which can be used to play in the ARM Getter mode – presenting a chance to earn new ARMS for your fighters. While 1-v-1 matches have been shown so far, Nintendo revealed that 2-v-2 battles are also on the cards for even more chaotic mayhem.

The Nintendo Direct presentation then went on to showcase two characters: revealing the super-fast kung-fu fighter Min Min with her extendable ramen arms, and the energetic, determined Spring Man, who specialises in bouncing back from near-defeat.

ARMS will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 16th.

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