ARMS Promises Extensive Combat Customisation


In order to punch your way to the top in ARMS, it will be important to choose the right weapons to wield in battles.

As detailed in the ARMS Direct, players can take three different pairs of ARMS into each battle and can change which they will use in their left and right ARM at the start of each round.

These range from standard fists to boomerangs and missiles, each presenting new strategies whether that be close and long-range attacks as well as offensive and defensive options. The Toaster unleashes a flaming punch, the Tribolt shoots three bolts horizontally while the Guardian can be used as a shield.

There are seven different ARMS elemental attributes in the game, namely Fire, Electricity, Wind, Ice, Stun, Explosion, and Blind.

ARMS will each have their own weight, too, which will affect your character’s momentum. Stronger ARMS will be more powerful but slower, multi-hit ARMS are quick but have lower power, while heavier ARMS can knock lighter ones out the way when they collide in battle.

Players will also have the chance to rack up in-game currency as they fight in ARMS, which they can use at the ARMS Getter to both earn new ARMS and upgrade those already owned.

ARMS will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 16th.

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