ARMS Delivers One-Two Punch With Character And Weapon Showcase Videos


Nintendo has delivered a one-two punch for ARMS, releasing two new videos that allow us to learn more about the Nintendo Switch exclusive brawler.

The Character Showcase video introduces all-around balanced fighter Spring Man, pop star of the ring Ribbon Girl, illusive, chain-wielding ninja Ninjara, back from the dead Master Mummy and heavyweight rocket girl Mechanica, breaking down their signature fighting styles, moves, and quirks.

Whereas the Weapon Showcase video takes a look at the weapon combinations that you can equip, such as: Sparky, that charge up with electricity and can stun your opponent; Boomerang, which can make a big arc to sweep around obstacles; the whip-like Slapamander; or Revolver, which can fire three shots with one punch but can be easily deflected by your opponent.

ARMS will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2017.

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