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Armillo and Runbow named as Canadian Videogame Awards 2015 finalists

The finalists have been announced for the Canadian Videogame Awards 2015, which sees 54 games represented across the eighteen categories. With more than 100 nominations placed, it will now be down to ...


Armillo Review

FuzzyWuzzyGames have mirthfully rolled onto the Nintendo eShop with Armillo, a cool action adventure-puzzle game that seems to pluck elements from various game styles and bring them together in a nift...

8 Great

Armillo rolls onto Wii U’s Nintendo eShop on March 24th

Fuzzy Wuzzy Games have announced that their “action puzzle rolling adventure,” Armillo, will see release on Wii U through the Nintendo eShop on March 24th. They’ve released a new tra...

Armillo: The Parallel Universe Mystery prepares to roll onto Wii U

FuzzyWuzzyGames have announced that they will release Armillo: The Parallel Universe Mystery for Wii U, through the Nintendo eShop. The indie studio has now been approved as an official Wii U develope...

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