Armillo: The Parallel Universe Mystery prepares to roll onto Wii U

armillo the parallel universe mystery

FuzzyWuzzyGames have announced that they will release Armillo: The Parallel Universe Mystery for Wii U, through the Nintendo eShop.

The indie studio has now been approved as an official Wii U developer, crediting Emily Rogers for helping to put them in contact with Nintendo of America’s business developer, Dan Adelman.

Armillo had originally been in development for Xbox Live Arcade, yet the studio didn’t feel that it was a good fit for the platform. Emily initially pointed them toward using the Unity engine, before then directing them on to Dan who helped make it all happen.

Within the game you control Armilllo, a space armadillo, as he traverses through spherical worlds. The action puzzle platformer will see you navigate your way through different kinds of terrain, and you can see current progress with the game below:

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