ARK: Survival Evolved Coming To Nintendo Switch In Fall 2018

Ark: Survival Evolved Screenshot

Studio Wildcard has announced that ARK: Survival Evolved will release on Nintendo Switch, their award-winning open-world survival adventure game.

The port, which has been created in collaboration with developer Abstraction Games, was shown running live on the portable home console during the Epic Games “State of Unreal” keynote at GDC 2018.

In ARK: Survival Evolved, you will tame dinosaurs, conquer enemies, and create enormous structures, delivering hundreds of hours in which you will explore, craft, and fight for your survival alone or with a group of other Survivors.

The Nintendo Switch version has the complete contents and features of the original game, whether that be the massive and mysterious ARK island to the more than 100 prehistoric and fantasy-inspired creatures such as the T-Rex, Giganotosaurus, Rock Drake, and Reaper.

“The Switch’s handheld mode provides a fantastic new capability for survivors who want to fully immerse themselves in the vast worlds of ARK,” enthused Jeremy Stieglitz, lead designer, lead programmer, development director, and co-creative director at Studio Wildcard.

“With this new version, Switch players can go directly from hunting and taming while sitting on the couch, to forming online tribes and searching out new conquests when on the bus, waiting in line, or wherever they happen to be.”

ARK: Survival Evolved will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Fall 2018.

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