Arise: A Simple Story Definitive Edition Trailer Shows Switch Exclusive Content

Arise: A Simple Story Definitive Edition Logo

Untold Tales and Piccolo Studio have shared a new Arise: A Simple Story Definitive Edition trailer that showcases the exclusive content for Nintendo Switch.

That content includes a more than 50-page Digital Artbook, an 18 track Original Soundtrack, a Custom Photo Mode and Gyroscope Support.

In this critically acclaimed 3D time manipulation narrative adventure, you must set out on a journey about happiness and hardship, joy and sorrow as you explore a story centred upon something we will all inevitably experience – the loss of our loved ones and how we choose to remember them.

The game will challenge you to manipulate time, deduce puzzle solutions and reshape your surroundings in an effort to “push forward into the bittersweet recollections of a past life and see how one’s life can be shaped by the presence of a soulmate.”

The developer has created each level as “a metaphorical representation of the stages of life and how our memories shape these recollections.”

Arise: A Simple Story Definitive Edition will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 28th April 2022.

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