Arena Party Brawler Hot Shot Burn Coming To Nintendo Switch In Early 2020

Hot Shot Burn Key Art

Artifex Mundi and Flaming Flamingo have announced that Hot Shot Burn will release on Nintendo Switch.

In this animated arena party brawler, the universe’s most formidable space gladiators have been brought to battle it out in deadly free-for-all combat for fame and glory.

That will see up to four players select from uniquely skilled characters before fighting it out in dangerous galactic arenas.

“I remember playing video games with my brother when we were young. We would goof around and laugh at each other and fight with our elbows,” explains Flaming Flamingo creative lead Greg Dalek.

“We made this game because we hope to take you back to these good times. So gather your buddies and beat the hell out of each other!”

Artifex Mundi head of publishing Matt Binkowski adds: “This is a whole new story for Artifex Mundi and for me personally.

“Moving away from AAA games like Dying Light was a jump into the unknown. Today I’m super proud and honored to be helping Flaming Flamingo with their game. I can’t wait to get this game out there and meet the fans!”

Hot Shot Burn will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2020.

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