Arceus distribution accompanying Pokémon the Movie: The Ring Genie Hoopa


Japan’s CoroCoro Comic has shared more information relating to Pokémon the Movie: The Ring Genie Hoopa.

Serebii reports that numerous Legendary Pokémon will make an appearance in the animated feature film, namely Lugia, Palkia, Giratina, Dialga, Kyurem and Arceus.

Those that pre-book tickets for the film, which releases in Japan on 18th July 2015, will receive a serial code to download a special Arceus to their game. This will know the moves Judgement, Blast Burn, Hyrdo Cannon and Earth Power, and will require tickets to be booked between 7th March – 17th July after which the code must be redeemed by 31st August.

Another of the six Legendary Pokémon will be made available to those pre-booking tickets, although The Pokémon Company International have yet to reveal which.

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