Arcade Bunny Thanks You For Playing Nintendo Badge Arcade

arcade bunny nintendo badge arcade image

Nintendo Badge Arcade has come to a close, with Nintendo calling time on introducing any new badges for players to collect.

In bowing out, they have allowed Arcade Bunny one last moment to shine, reflecting on the application, thanking those that developed it and wishing everyone well for the future.

“Heya!” the pink-furred rabbit opens. “We’re finally here, my last week! It’s been a great year and a half! Wait! This isn’t the first you’re hearing about this, is it!? Well, to put it simply, this will be the last week we’re releasing new badges.

“Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to play the game and collect more badges. But there won’t be any new badge sets being released! That also means you won’t be seeing any new posts in Miiverse Gallery!

“Well, seeing as it’s my last week, I’m gonna say whatever I want! That includes thanking everyone who’s helped out around the arcade!”

Arcade Bunny goes on to thank those that worked on the application, starting with the producer and director before moving on to other staff.

When asked what Arcade Bunny has lined up next, he, somewhat sadly, explains that he will be unemployed, before adding that he is joking and that everyone should keep an eye out for him in the future.

From now on you can get two free plays every day on Nintendo Badge Arcade, which will hopefully let you collect those last elusive badges.

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