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Whilst we continue our long wait for Nintendo to get around to releasing a new Wave Race, indie developer Zordix has decided to port over their iOS aquatic racer series to the Nintendo eShop. Though how does it hold up on the Nintendo 3DS?

Aqua Moto Racing 3D is actually a lot of fun, at least on the initial impression. Starting you off in a beginner’s championship, once this has been won you can unlock the next, more challenging, championship and so forth.


During each race, players can collect money either through zipping past money bags and chests floating along the circuit or by pulling off tricks when you grab the opportunity for some air time. After each championship, you’re then free to use your winnings to purchase a sparkling new, better Jet-Ski.

There’s room for failure on your aquatic adventure, each race allowing you to miss three buoys otherwise you are out. Going around each buoy successfully adds to your boost meter, and, with buoys and money scattered differently throughout courses, it means that each lap can be handled differently. You’ll regularly wrestle with your conscious as to deciding whether to grab a chest and miss a buoy, resulting in a missed chance to fill your boost meter. It certainly adds necessary thinking for the player.


As I said earlier the game is a lot of fun, but there are some major technical issues which really hold it back from delivering on its potential. Some races see the frame-rate plummet, taking away all the thrills of a high-speed racer. Another complaint is that the tricks are too easily performed on the D-pad or the touch screen, which adds no real achievement in successfully pulling off break-neck stunts.

Our wait for a new Wave Race continues, but Zordix has laid down an incredibly solid foundation for any future instalments that they may be planning. If they can address the technical problems and add some polish, they could have something very special on their hands indeed. Meaning that I am very much excited to see what they do next…

Version Tested: Nintendo 3DS
Review copy provided by Zordix Publishing

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