Ape Out Update 1.0.3 Now Available On Nintendo Switch

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Devolver Digital and developers Gabe Cuzzillo, Matt Boch, and Bennett Foddy have released a new software update for Ape Out on Nintendo Switch, their wild “smash ’em up about primal escape, rhythmic violence, and frenetic jazz.”

This has improved the game’s performance on the portable home console when played in TV mode, now sees your score appear in the blood of slaughtered guards in Arcade mode, and has made improvements and implemented multiple bug fixes.

Ape Out will is available now on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide, priced at £10.99 (€14.99/$14.99).

Ape Out Update Version 1.0.3 Patch Notes

  • Improved performance in Docked mode.
  • New Drum Kit for the beginning of Adrift.
  • Your score now appears in the blood of killed guards in Arcade mode.
  • Fixed intermittent crash in the last level of the game.
  • Increased size and accuracy of no-spawn zone around starting point.
  • Removed flamethrowers and bazookas from the harder indoor areas of Fugue and Adrift.
  • Removed behavior where guards fired extremely quickly when approaching corners with guns aimed.
  • Prevented guards from shooting too quickly when grabbed (and hitting the player in some cases).
  • Slightly increased machine gun guard’s reaction time (they take longer to react).
  • Slightly increased guard reaction time when lights are out (they take longer to react).
  • Prevented explosions from chaining through walls.
  • Flamethrower guards now must ready their flamethrowers before shooting.
  • Audio improvements.
  • Fix for fugue ending playing at the wrong time in Arcade mode.
  • Possible fix for guards sometimes being inside closed containers, and occasionally pushing themselves up against closed doors.
  • Added bespoke drum fills for the death screen on each drum kit.
  • Added 15 seconds to the time limit when playing harder albums on Arcade mode.
  • Better sounding transitions in and out of the menu.
  • Drummer now plays faster as you get closer to the time limit in Arcade mode.
  • Drummer now pauses for a beat when you take damage.
  • Slightly reduced number of guards on the hard version of Abandon Ship.
  • Fixed bug where you could complete a level after you die, resulting in things getting weird.
  • Fixed bug where guards were on fire but no fire was visible.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the ape to pass through big doors without ripping them off their hinges.
  • Fix for bug causing scores to carry over after death in Arcade mode.
  • Fix for guards occasionally shooting too quickly.
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