Ape Out Punches Nintendo Switch With A Hairy Fist On February 7th

Ape Out Screenshot

Devolver Digital and Gabe Cuzzillo have announced that Ape Out will release on Nintendo Switch, which is “a wildly intense and colourfully stylised smash ’em up about primal escape, rhythmic violence, and frenetic jazz.”

You must build up nearly unstoppable momentum and use your captors as both weapons and shields in an effort to crush everyone as you rush to your freedom.

“Our team is pleased to finally announce a release date for one of our most anticipated titles ever in Ape Out,” enthuses Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker.

“Frankly, it was a lot harder to motion capture an ape than we had originally thought and recording primates ripping human corpses apart is generally frowned upon in most countries.”

Ape Out will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 7th February 2019.

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