Anthology Of Fear Haunts Nintendo Switch In 2020

Anthology Of Fear Logo

Ultimate Games and RG Crew have revealed that Anthology of Fear is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This first-person psychological horror game will have three independent stories unrelated in terms of their plot but from different time periods, promising “a multidimensional view of fear, unconventional solutions, as well as diverse gameplay.”

The first will be set in the 20th century where, in a remote area of Siberia, you will witness a struggle for survival and hunting elements.

The next will be based on contemporary history where “creative act and alienation play first fiddle,” and the third story will be themed around memories and is set in an unspecified place and time.

“Each of the three stories is different – of course, there are also different characters, time periods, and so on,” explains game director and chief designer Hubert Zatorski.

“The player thus receives three smaller games in one. Each of them will provide different experiences. Our game will be diverse and ambiguous. It won’t be any problem for fans of the series Silent Hill and Outlast to find themselves in Anthology of Fear. The same goes for titles in the style of Layers of Fear, Alan Wake, or even Hunt: Showdown.”

RG Crew chief programmer Piotr Rycąbel adds: “In Anthology of Fear we took a broad perspective and that will translate into the gameplay itself. Thus, each episode will also be different in this respect. Depending on the episode, there will be plenty of exploration, sneaking, escaping, fighting and hunting.”

Anthology of Fear will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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