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Another week and another leaked accessory design has suggested that news about the revised Nintendo Switch models – the Nintendo Switch Mini and Nintendo Switch Pro – is coming soon.

WinFuture has received images from a “reliable source” that reveal that Bigben is looking to produce accessories for the rumored console revision.

The product in question is a protective Nintendo Switch Mini silicone glove, with the first image is a photo that reveals the packaging plans for the accessory.

Whereas the second image is a render that shows how the Nintendo Switch Mini will look once placed inside the silicone glove.

But while Bigben is a leading accessory designer and distributor in Europe, it could be that these products have been created based on the near-constant speculation that’s happening online.

The packaging, for example, refers to the revised console as the ‘Mini Switch 2,’ meaning that they could be waiting on the final name, design, and dimensions before pushing it into production – mocking up what they believe will happen beforehand to save time.

It was back in March that The Wall Street Journal had reported on the two models, with one that “will have enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers” and another which has been created as “a cheaper option for casual gamers” to replace the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo Switch Mini Bigben Silicone Glove Photo

Alex Seedhouse

Alex Seedhouse

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