Anime-Inspired Life Sim Spirittea Coming To Nintendo Switch

Spirittea Logo

No More Robots and Cheesemaster Games have announced that Spirittea is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Set in rural East Asia, this life sim has taken inspiration from the now-iconic Stardew Valley and “classic spirit-focused anime and manga.”

You play as a writer who escapes to the countryside to clear their head and find the inspiration needed to write their next novel. However, after accidentally drinking from an old mystical teapot, he starts to see the spirit world overlapping with their reality.

It isn’t long before Wonyan – a “nuisance cat spirit and faithful guide – appears and explains that many spirits need saving, handing over the keys to an old bathhouse that spirits use to relax.

Working together, day-to-day you will help local villagers and spirits alike, take part in different hobbies (such as bug catching and karaoke), look after the spirits that turn up at your bathhouse and look to upgrade it with new furniture, rooms and baths to attract even more of them – such as the elusive Lord Spirits, who occupy an entire room each.

Spirittea will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide “later this year.”

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