Anime-Action RPG Dusk Diver Coming To Nintendo Switch This Autumn

Dusk Diver Key Art

PQube, JFI Games, and Justdan International have announced that Dusk Diver will release on Nintendo Switch.

This anime-action RPG is based in Taipei’s Ximending district – a popular tourist destination – and promises to take the musou genre to the next level.

When an unstable dimensional rift brings together Gods, phantoms and humans, the headstrong high school student Yang Yumo must step up to protect her neighborhood.

Japanese voice actress Kate Mizukiri not only plays one of the characters but she also performs the special collaboration song “Sensen Shoujo” – written by the successful composer, shade.

Created around a unique action-orientated combat system, you will fight alongside guardians and expand your abilities by immersing yourself in the district’s bustling streets, stores, personalities, and cuisines.

Dusk Diver will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide this autumn.

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