Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Update Version 1.7.0 Now Available

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Artwork

Nintendo has released a new software update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, their tinkering having upgraded the campsite manager to version 1.7.0.

The update, 127.5 MB in size, has seen goals receive a complete makeover. The recommended goals for you to complete are now highlighted, a Goal Guide has been added and you can now receive more prizes as you clear them.

Gardening is now easier after Nintendo has “increased the tempo” for both garden controls and animated cutscenes. And, you can now increase the maximum number of items that you can carry, spending Leaf Tickets to buy an inventory space expansion.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Update Version 1.7.0 Patch Notes

  • Updated the goal feature.
  • Made the garden easier to use.
  • Made it possible to further increase the number of items (bugs, fish, etc.) you can carry.
  • Adjusted on-screen display.
  • Implemented other bug fixes.
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