Animal Crossing Mobile Nintendo Direct Presentation Airs This Week


Nintendo has announced that a Nintendo Direct will air this week, in which the company will showcase their Animal Crossing mobile game for the first time.

The pre-recorded presentation will broadcast on Wednesday 25th October at 7am BST / 8am CEST / 12pm JST (or 8pm PT / 11pm ET on Tuesday 24th October), with the company adding that it will not include any information relating to plans for the series on Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS.

And, beyond that, Nintendo will not share any information about any other smartphone applications that they have in development.

“Tune in for a roughly 15-minute Animal Crossing Mobile Direct video presentation focused exclusively on the upcoming Animal Crossing mobile title,” Nintendo explains. “There will be no updates on any other topics including other mobile, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS software.”

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