Animal Crossing New Horizons Label: Fashion Themes And Your Tailors Ticket Reward

Animal Crossing New Horizons Label

As you continue to enjoy your peaceful island existence in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there’s a chance that you will soon meet Label outside the Resident Services building.

The independent fashion designer (and sister to Sable and Mabel) won’t start to randomly appear until the Able Sisters have opened their shop on your island.

Having made a recent decision to go solo, Label considers herself to still be in training. She’s travelling to lots of different places in the hope that she can learn about as many fashion styles as she possible can.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Tailors Ticket Screenshot

This is where you come in, to help her with “a little style exercise.” She will tell you a specific Fashion Theme that she is interested in researching, and then you need to change into an outfit that matches the theme.

It’s a relatively straightforward process, and, as an example, we were asked to show Label our “very best goth outfit.” With a clue to dress in “dark and moody” clothes that we may wear on Halloween, Label started us off with a some goth clothing – a Vampire Outfit – to get us started.

Soon dressed in black from head to toe, we returned to Label who, after taking a look at your creation, will determine whether it’s good enough for her to learn something new about clothing coordination.

Succeed, and you will be rewarded with a Tailor Ticket to show how much she appreciates your help. These can be used in the Tailor Shop that the Able Sisters run and can be exchanged for an item that costs 3,000 Bells or less.

Label warns that you can’t use it in Nook’s Cranny, so don’t expect Timmy or Tommy to offer you anything in return for the Tailor Ticket.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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