Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Recipes: Test Your DIY Skills, Wildest Dreams DIY And More

Animal Crossing New Horizons Test Your DIY Skills Screenshot

You can soon start to buy digital DIY recipe books from Nook’s Cranny in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to broaden the furniture and decorations that you can craft for your deserted island paradise.

While you will learn new DIY recipes from Tom Nook, your animal neighbours and Message Bottles that wash ashore, the digital DIY recipe books – DIY for Beginners, Test Your DIY Skills and Wildest Dreams DIY – are a great early investment to help you to customise your island.

The three digital DIY recipe books can be bought from the cabinet in Nook’s Cranny, and the materials required for the recipes that they contain are:

DIY For Beginners (480 Bells)

  • Frying Pan
    • Requires 2 Iron Nuggets
  • Hay Bed
    • Requires 20 Clumps of Weeds
  • Ocarina
    • Requires 5 Clay
  • Old-fashioned Washtub
    • Requires 3 Softwood
  • Stone Stool
    • Requires 3 Stone
  • Wooden-block Toy
    • Requires 3 Softwood

Test Your DIY Skills (2,680 Bells)

  • Mini DIY Workbench
    • Requires 3 Wood, 3 Hardwood, 3 Softwood and 2 Iron Nuggets
  • Potted Ivy
    • Requires 5 Clumps of Weeds and 5 Clay
  • Ringtoss
    • Requires 2 Wood and 2 Softwood
  • Rocking Chair
    • Requires 3 Wood and 5 Softwood
  • Swinging Bench
    • Requires 5 Wood and 7 Softwood
  • Wooden-block Bookshelf
    • Requires 1 Wooden-block Toy and 3 Softwood
  • Wooden-block Chair
    • Requires 1 Wooden-block Toy and 3 Softwood
  • Wooden-block Stereo
    • Requires 1 Wooden-block Toy, 5 Softwood and 2 Iron Nuggets

Wildest Dreams DIY (6,980 Bells)

  • Brick Oven
    • Requires 8 Clay, 2 Iron Nuggets and 6 Wood
  • Hearth
    • Requires 2 Bamboo Pieces, 5 Iron Nuggets, 4 Clay and 5 Hardwood
  • Iron Wall Lamp
    • Requires 4 Iron Nuggets and 2 Clay
  • Ironwood Kitchenette
    • Requires 4 Wood, 3 Iron Nuggets, 1 Ironwood Dresser and 1 Cutting Board
  • Plain Sink
    • Requires 6 Wood, 4 Clay and 1 Iron Nugget

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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