Animal Crossing Island Designer: Planning Out Your Peaceful Home

Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Planner Screenshot

With there being so much freedom in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may be looking for an island designer (or planner) to help plot out your deserted island home.

While Nook Inc is ready to hand you a helmet to wear when you want to use the Island Designer app on your NookPhone, those with a fraught creative spirit may want to sketch out their ideas an island planner before committing to any changes.

That’s where the fan-made Happy Island Designer comes in, which has been created by GitHub user eugeneration.

This simple-to-use browser-based tool allows you to recreate an overhead map of the island that you now call home, before you start experimenting with where specific buildings are placed, the route that rivers flow to meet the sea, the bridges that you will want to use to cross over them, and even where flowers and trees are planted.

To save some time, you can upload a photo or screenshot of your island’s map that, once you mark its four corners, will then be accurately copied into the Happy Island Designer. This will more easily let you work with your island as it is currently arranged, helping you to make those crucial decisions about what to move and where to reposition it.

Your redesign can then be saved, letting you use it as a reference point as you set about changing your island.

This island planner will undoubtedly become more useful once you unlock the Island Designer app for your NookPhone, which Tom Nook will reward you with once Isabelle confirms that your island has achieved a three-star rating and K.K. Slider comes to visit.

That will add a whole new layer to how much you can personalise your island, which will soon see you use your Nook Miles to unlock different styles of paths that you can start laying down. If, like us, you want your island to be as much of a peaceful paradise as possible, then hopefully the Happy Island Designer tool can prevent it from descending into disorganised chaos.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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