Animal Crossing Announcement Community launches on Miiverse


Nintendo have launched an Animal Crossing Announcement Community on Miiverse, with Animal Crossing: New Leaf director Aya Kyogoku sharing the first post through it today.

This will be used by Nintendo representatives to share news relating to Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the series in general, and replaces the Animal Crossing News Community. Which, after the Animal Crossing Plaza closed in December, has raised our hope that we’ll hear something significant about their future plans soon.

“Hi there! I’m Aya Kyogoku, director of Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” her Miiverse post began. “We’ve created a new announcement community here as a related community to the Animal Crossing: New Leaf community!

“It’s been over a year since Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released, and we’re planning to bring you fun news and messages from the developers to help you fully enjoy this game. Stay tuned!”

Animal Crossing: New Leaf was a resounding success for Nintendo, with Media Create’s sales data this week showing that it has sold 3,899,253 copies in Japan alone.

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