Analyst predicts “slow uptake” on all next-gen systems


Whilst Nintendo’s global president Satoru Iwata has commented that the Wii U is “selling steadily” at retail, it can’t be denied that it is failing to entice consumers as the Wii once did.

Such issues won’t be Nintendo’s to suffer alone though, with Inside Network’s Billy Pidgeon explaining that both Microsoft and Sony may also face such a “slow uptake.”

“I believe the console business has changed fundamentally, and there will be slow uptake and increased downward price pressure not only for the Wii U but also for the next generation from Microsoft and Sony,” Pidgeon discussed with GamesIndustry International.

“Hardware expectations will be overly high for all three vendors, but I don’t expect the numbers to match this generation. Nintendo can realise strong profits with a smaller base if Wii U (and 3DS) gamers buy more software, particularly paid digital downloads.”

He continued, “I think Sony and Microsoft will also need to sell more digital downloads to increase the software spend to base ratio. Microsoft will have an advantage here because of the lead Xbox LIVE has in PC, tablet and smartphone integration.

“Nintendo and Sony should both reconsider competition and potential co-operation with Android and iOS devices.”

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