Analyst: Nintendo should acquire a social games developer


In light of the recent Nintendo 3DS price cut and the company’s falling share prices, analysts have once again called upon Nintendo to launch a conquest into the social gaming scene.

With the surge of popularity in both mobile and social games such a move would certainly turn around Nintendo’s fortunes, yet such a decision would need to be made for the right reasons.

“The company remains in the severe situation for next few years until it develops something revolutionary, not an extension of existing products,” states Mitsuo Shimizu, an analyst at Cosmo Securities Co. in Tokyo. “Social games are killer because who would spend around $40 to buy software when you can get it for free or something much lower.”

Such an argument was then taken a step further by another analyst, who suggested that Nintendo invest in acquiring a top social games developer.

“Nintendo should use its ample cash to buy a social game maker, as the place to play games is shifting to smartphones and tablet PCs,” commented Masamitsu Ohki, a fund manager at Tokyo-based Stats Investment Management Co. “It doesn’t need to start its own.”

[Thanks, Bloomberg via Industry Gamers]

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