Analyst Expects Nintendo NX Reveal As Early As March


Nintendo NX development may be progressing “steadily,” but Nintendo hasn’t provided any indication as to when we will learn exactly what their “dedicated game platform” will entail.

Nomura Securities analyst Junko Yamamura has shared his expectation that the concept behind Nintendo NX will be revealed between March and May, that the console design will be first shown at E3 2016 in June, and that it will hit retailers worldwide later this year in either October or November.

That timeline largely echoes Sony’s approach to launching PlayStation 4, but the firm isn’t entirely positive – warning that the platform will have a more significant impact on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS sales than they previously believed.

Yamamura writes, “We had previously thought that the NX launch would have only a limited impact on 3DS and Wii U sales as it is not being positioned as a successor to either console, but we have now altered our view because 3DS sales have been weakening a little recently, particularly in terms of software, as the machine enters its sixth year, and to factor in a harsher competitive climate and what happened to other existing consoles when new machines were launched in the past.

“We still expect the NX to launch in 17/3. We have lowered our estimates for current consoles to reflect the present situation, fiercer competition, and what has happened in the past when new hardware is announced… We have reduced our operating profit forecasts for 16/3 by 5.7% and for 17/3–21/3 by 30.0–32.7%.”

[Thanks Barron’s Asia]
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