Ammo Knights In Splatoon 2 Now Stocks The Neo Splash-o-matic, Foil Squeezer, New Squiffer And Glooga Dualies Deco

Splatoon 2 Sheldon Ammo Knights

Nintendo has released a major Splatoon 2 software update this week, that, along with new gear, music, and Squid Sisters icon Callie’s return, has also introduced four new weapons to ink your turf with.

Those are the Neo Splash-o-matic, Foil Squeezer, New Squiffer, and Glooga Dualies Deco, which are all now available from Sheldon at Ammo Knights. We’ll let him nerd out over them and explain their loadouts and benefits.

Splatoon 2 Neo Splash-o-matic

Neo Splash-o-matic
“The Neo Splash-o-matic is a Splash-o-matic emblazoned with an original emblem. This set includes Burst Bombs, which you can use in concert with your main weapon to quickly splat foes and ink turf. What’s more, with the Suction-Bomb Launcher special, you can cut off any hope of escape and finish ’em! Pile on the pressure with the sub and special, then rule the roost with your main weapon like a boss!”

Splatoon 2 Foil Squeezer

Foil Squeezer
“We took a Squeezer, slapped the manufacturer’s logo on it, and the Foil Squeezer was born. BOOM! The main weapon has the action of the original Squeezer, but it now comes with Splat Bombs. So flush ’em out, then take careful aim! Blow up the front lines with the Bubble Blower special, then charge in with your team and take out the opposition! It’s a fairly aggressive set, but the main weapon requires steady aim, making it suited for veteran battlers.”

Splatoon 2 New Squiffer

New Squiffer
“The New Squiffer boasts the same main stats as the Classic Squiffer, but it offers a more offensive style! Pressure your opponents with an Autobomb, and splat ’em when they come out into the open! And when you’re under pressure, use the Baller to rush the enemy or retreat. This baby is made for ultra-aggressive players. ”

Splatoon 2 Glooga Dualies Deco

Glooga Dualies Deco
“The main weapons in the Glooga Dualies Deco set are just the Glooga Dualies with a new paint job! Ink job? No, paint job was right. This set is more than just a palette swap though – it now comes with a Splash Wall sub weapon that you can quickly retreat behind! And for all you thrill seekers, the Baller special is just the thing to help you bust into enemy turf!

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