amiibo wave three and four pre-orders open at Amazon UK


Amazon UK have begun taking pre-orders for the third and fourth waves of amiibo figures, which were revealed by Nintendo in early November.

With Lucario, Meta Knight and Shulk seeing retailer exclusivity in the United States, it appears that we needn’t worry about a similar situation in Europe – Amazon UK listing all of the 11 incoming figures.

Stock has already been suffering shortages for the debut wave of Nintendo’s toy-to-life category, so you may want to get your pre-orders in early!

Wave Three (23rd January 2015)
* Bowser (Amazon UK)
* Ike (Amazon UK)
* Lucario (Amazon UK)
* Rosalina & Luma (Amazon UK)
* Sheik (Amazon UK)
* Toon Link (Amazon UK)

Wave Four (20th February 2015)
* King Dedede (Amazon UK)
* Mega Man (Amazon UK)
* Meta Knight (Amazon UK)
* Shulk (Amazon UK)
* Sonic (Amazon UK)

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