Amiga-Inspired Okinawa Rush Coming To Nintendo Switch

Okinawa Rush Screenshot

No Gravity Games and Sokaikan have revealed that Okinawa Rush is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Created with “a beautifully nostalgic pixel-art art style reminiscent of old Amiga games,” this retro-inspired action-adventure platformer places a focus on fighting built around a combat system that takes inspiration from games such as Street Fighter.

The Black Mantis clan has invaded Okinawa to loot, pillage and kill anyone that gets in their way as they search for the legendary training scroll of Hiro Yashima – who has honed his skill in the martial arts to a supernatural level, summoning flame and sound to vanquish his foes.

Playing as the martial arts master Hiro, Meilin or Shin, whether solo or teaming up with a friend in local co-op multiplayer, you must set out to defeat the Black Mantis clan using moves, combos, juggles and an intuitive parrying system.

Okinawa Rush will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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