Amiga Classic Toki Returns In Nintendo Switch Remake

Toki Screenshot

Microïds, Philippe Dessoly, and Pierre Adane have teamed up to remake Toki on Nintendo Switch, the arcade game being recreated with completely reworked graphics.

First released for the Amiga in 1989, the remake will provide the chance to revisit or discover the 2D platform game for the first time.

It stars Toki, a human warrior whose peaceful existence in the depths of the jungle is ruined when the witch doctor Doctor Vookimedlo kidnaps his beloved Miho.

Transforming Toki into a sinister-looking ape before making his escape, you must team up with the demon Bashtar and set out on a perilous adventure to reach Doctor Vookimedlo’s home, save Toki’s sweetheart, and restore his appearance.

Toki developer Pierre Adane shares: “I’m very proud to be able to be bringing Toki back to life. There is an immense amount of pleasure in working on a project like this. For some time now Philippe and I have felt like working together again, and I’m happy that that’s coming together with Toki.”

Artist Philippe Dessoly adds: “I have a very special relationship with this game, which I am particularly fond of – in a way it’s my equivalent of Proust’s Madeleine! As soon as the music starts, I’m plunged back into the time when we ported the game to Amiga and Atari, when there was a very particular atmosphere in the video game sector.

“It’s a very special souvenir for me, so 30 years later, when they asked me to do the remake, it was impossible to refuse. I really enjoy improving and reinterpreting character designs and backgrounds. I sincerely hope that a maximum number of players and fans of the original – like me – will have fun playing it.”

Toki will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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