Amazon tease amiibo-related announcement for Monday 13th July


“No, Esteban! Not until Monday!” It’s an nondescript amiibo-related tease from AmazonJosh, but it’s sent Reddit into a flurry of excitement.

The accompanying image sees the now legendary rooster muffled by string tied around its beak, with an amiibo hoard blurred in the background. But AmazonJosh wouldn’t be pushed for a hint toward the impending announcement, later replying “Mum’s the word.”

Although, keep expectations in check. As this is most likely to see the online retailer detail precisely when pre-orders will open for the next amiibo wave.

For those unfamiliar with the cult following that has amassed behind Esteban, Reddit user Latyon concisely explains: “Esteban was an Amazon employee who gave this sub some info about when certain Amiibo would go live on the site. A cult following resulted in Amazon posting a picture of a rooster on Twitter. Allegedly, the rooster is Esteban.

“So this picture, from AmazonJosh, likely implies that something big and amiibo-related will occur on Monday, and the tie around his beak is to keep Esteban’s mouth shut so as not to spoil the surprise.”

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