Rumour: Amazon lists Rayman Origins for Wii, box art included


Amazon have listed Rayman Origins, not only dating the title for a release in North America on November 15th, but also revealing that the game may be headed to Wii with box art supporting such a claim.

Last week, Game Informer revealed in its latest issue that the game, previously scheduled to release as a downloadable title, would see a full retail release on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Rayman Origins is due to offer local four-player co-operative, although levels have been designed with both single-player and multiplayer in mind to ensure that those playing alone don’t suffer.

You can catch the box art below, which mainly features Rayman and sidekick Globox:


[Thanks, Eurogamer]
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    1. I imagine this isn’t the final version of the box art, and therefore I’m unsure of whether they may have pulled the Wii version.

      Re-titled as a rumour for now, but would certainly be nice to see a release on a Nintendo platform. I was personally hoping for a Nintendo 3DS version!

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