All Mega Stone Locations In Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire


If you have bought Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, steadily trained your team, but are now left wondering the location of whichever Mega Stone you need – we have you covered!

Our friends at Serebii have been diligently hunting high and low, steadily compiling the Mega Stone locations since they launched in North American last Friday.

There will be minor location spoilers below, but hopefully, this will help point you in the right direction!

New Mega Evolutions

Mega Altaria (Altariaite)
Located in Lilcove City, from Show Collector – need an Altaria

Mega Audino (Audinite)
Located in Battle Resort, given by Looker after rescuing him on the shore.

Mega Beedrill (Beedrillite)
Located in a storage room at Sea Mauville

Mega Camerupt (Cameruptite)
Located in Magma Hideout during the Delta Episode in Omega Ruby, or Battle Resort in Alpha Sapphire.

Mega Diancie (Diancite)
Received in any Pokémon Center after you transfer Diancie over.

Mega Gallade (Galladite)
Received from Professor Cozmo after the Delta Episode.

Mega Glalie (Glalitite)
Located in Shoal Cave Basement

Mega Latias (Latiasite)
Located in Littleroot Town and given by your Mother in Omega Ruby, or on Latias in Alpha Sapphire.

Mega Latios (Latiosite)
Located in Littleroot Town and given by your Mother in Alpha Sapphire, or on Latios in Omega Ruby.

Mega Lopunny (Lopunnite)
Located in Mauvill City, from the main in a suit in Mauville Hills

Mega Metagross (Metagrossite)
Located at the Pokémon League, given by Steven after your rematch

Mega Pidgeot (Pidgeotite)
Located in Rustboro City, by showing Mr. Stone the Intriguing Stone

Mega Rayquaza (None)
No Mega Stone required, but Rayquaza must know the move Dragon Ascent to achieve Mega Evolution.

Mega Sableye (Sablenite)
Located in Sootopolis City

Mega Salamence (Salamencite)
Located in Meteor Falls, given by an old lady.

Mega Sceptile (Sceptilite)
If Treecko was your starter, this is located on Route 120. If not, it’ll be on Route 114 from the Stone Salesman.

Mega Sharpedo (Sharpedonite)
Located in Battle Resort in Omega Ruby, or the Aqua Hideout during the Delta Episode in Alpha Sapphire

Mega Slowbro (Slowbronite)
Located in Shoal Cave, by giving the man four Shoal Salts and four Shoal Shells.

Mega Steelix (Steelixite)
Located in Granite Cave

Mega Swampert (Swampertite)
If Mudkip was your starter, this is located on Route 120. If not, it’ll be on Route 114 from the Stone Salesman.

Previous Mega Evolutions

Mega Abomasnow (Abomasite)
Located on Route 123, Berry Garden

Mega Absol (Absolite)
Located in Safari Zone

Mega Aerodactyl (Aerodactylite)
Located in Meteor Falls

Mega Aggron (Aggronite)
Located in Rusturf Tunnel

Mega Alakazam (Alakazite)
Located at Slateport City Market

Mega Ampharos (Ampharosite)
Located in New Mauville

Mega Banette (Banettite)
Located on Mt. Pyre

Mega Blastoise (Blastoisinite)
Located on SS Tidal

Mega Blaziken (Blazikenite)
If Torchic was your starter, this is located on Route 120. If not, it’ll be on Route 114 from the Stone Salesman.

Mega Charizard X (Charizardite X)
Located on Fiery Path

Mega Charizard Y (Charizardite Y)
Located on Scorched Slab

Mega Garchomp (Garchompite)
Received from Aarune, after achieving Platinum Rank

Mega Gardevoir (Gardevoirite)
Located in Verdanturf Town, received from Wanda

Mega Gengar (Gengarite)
Located in Battle Resort

Mega Gyrados (Gyaradosite)
Located on Route 123, in the mouth of Poochyena

Mega Heracross (Heracronite)
Located on Route 127

Mega Houndoom (Houndoominite)
Located in Lavaridge Town

Mega Kangaskhan (Kangaskhanite)
Located in Pacifidlog Town

Mega Lucario (Lucarionite)
Received from Lisia, after beating all Master Rank Contests and then defeating her

Mega Manectric (Manectite)
Located on Route 110, Cycling Road

Mega Mawile (Mawilite)
Located in Verdanturf Town

Mega Medicham (Medichamite)
Located on Mt. Pyre

Mega Mewtwo X (Mewtwonite X)
Located in Littleroot Town

Mega Mewtwo Y (Mewtwonite Y)
Located at the Pokémon League

Mega Pinsir (Pinsirite)
Located on Route 124

Mega Scizor (Scizorite)
Located in Petalburg Woods

Mega Tyranitar (Tyranitarite)
Located in Jagged Pass

Mega Venusaur (Venusaurite)
Located on Route 119


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      • Hi Nikolas! It’s certainly one of the harder ones to get. You can receive Garchompite from Aarune in Fortree City, after you achieve Platinum Rank for Secret Base – which requires you to collect 1000 Secret Base flags.

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