Aladdin Toy Boxes available for Disney Infinity


Disney Interactive have shared the winners of their Disney Infinity “Aladdin Challenge,” which saw them tasked with using Aladdin-themed toys from the game’s Toy Box Vault.

Such contraptions include the Cave of Wonders, Agrabah Guards, Agrabah Palace and the Princess Jasmine Townsperson, seeing fans recreate moments from what remains to be one of Disney’s most popular classics.

The five winning submissions are as follows:
1. Al’s Quest – “Play Aladdin’s tale! Brave the Cave of Wonders, find Jasmine and sweep her off her feet on a magic carpet ride. NO FLYING!”
2. Jafar’s Wish – “Jafar is back and has taken over Agrabah. Defeat guards, avoid traps, and save Jasmine before putting Jafar back into the lamp.”
3. Agrabah Market – “Inspired by the 16-bit classic Aladdin, escape the guards in the market to reach the palace and save Jasmine!”
4. Jafar’s Revenge – “Can you defeat the mighty Sorcerer Jafar? Let’s find out! Muhaha!”
5. Carpet Cleaning – “Things have gotten a little dusty in the Cave of Wonders! Help Genie clean off his friend Carpet!”

To download these on Wii U, select “Toy Box” from the main menu, then “Toy Box Share” and “Disney’s Toy Boxes” from the next screen.

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