Aksys Games announce three Nintendo eShop titles for Nintendo 3DS


Aksys Games has announced plans to release three new titles for Nintendo 3DS through the Nintendo eShop later this year.

Covering a range of genres, these are all developed by Arc System Works who have worked with Com2uS and Vinyl Lab.

First up is Family Fishing, which is described as a “frenetic, competitive fishing game” where players will compete to catch the ultimate rare fish. Game modes include The Big Catch, in which you aim to score the most points before the end of each round and can gain a competitive advantage by filling a Special Attack gauge, and Blow ’em Away! where fish have assigned point scores.

Next is Vinyl Lab’s Radiohammer, a rhythm action game where players must protect world peace with the power of love and music as a super DJ. You will take down villains and apparently fend off flashers with groovy tunes and masterful mixes, choosing between four playable characters – pop music maven July Ann, 2D fighter Celica, station maestro MC Wein and Radiohammer alum Lita – to save the world with your superior sonic skills.

Whereas puzzler Slice It! will challenge you to slice through shapes to make same-sized smaller shapes, drawing straight lines to do so with a limited number of attempts. Hundreds of different stages await you, with special themes, music and other unlockables promising to keep you busy.

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