Akira-Inspired Gripper Seizes March Release Date

Gripper Logo

Heart Core has confirmed a release date for its cyber bike boss rush game Gripper on Nintendo Switch.

Set in a dystopian world plagued with mystery and loss, you play as None, a cyber bike riding, grapple hook-wielding hero who is on a mission to find and rescue his family. That will challenge you to make “vital narrative choices, navigate torturous terrain and face off against some ferocious foes.”

Pitched as “a story-driven action game with boss fights on wheels,” you must tear your enemies apart using your grappling hook to rip out their metal hearts to recover the memory of a loved one and equip your cyber bike with a new ability – whether that be to increase the power of the grapple hook, mount a rail gun on the back or to deploy enemy-seeking drones.

The developer has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Family Comes First: Experience the story of a broken family, and the trials and tribulations of putting it back together.  
  • Grip and Tear Until it is Done: Use your cyberbike’s grappling hook to tear apart intimidating bosses of all shapes and sizes, each representing a different stage of grief.
  • Meet Kat-Kit the Cat: Your childhood stuffed animal is alive and…sassy? Kat-Kit is here to cheer you on and help you upgrade your bike to the max. 
  • Apocalyptic Acclamation: Explore post-apocalyptic cyberpunk biomes which will form a vast world to travel through.
  • Love the Smell of Burning Rubber: Speed your way through intense tunnel riding tracks; dodging hazards and pitfalls at breakneck speeds. 
  • Sounds of the Future: Enjoy an entrancing blend of visual splendor and synth beat sounds that immerse you in a truly alien world. 

Gripper will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 29th March 2023.

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