Akira-Inspired Gripper Coming To Nintendo Switch

Gripper Logo

Heart Core has announced that its cyber bike boss rush game Gripper will release on Nintendo Switch next year.

Set in a dystopian world plagued with mystery and loss, you play as None, a cyber bike riding, grapple hook-wielding hero who is on a mission to find and rescue his family. That will challenge you to make “vital narrative choices, navigate torturous terrain and face off against some ferocious foes.”

Pitched as “a story-driven action game with boss fights on wheels,” you must tear your enemies apart using your grappling hook to rip out their metal hearts to recover the memory of a loved one and equip your cyber bike with a new ability – whether that be to increase the power of the grapple hook, mount a rail gun on the back or to deploy enemy-seeking drones.

The developer has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Boss fights on wheels. Ride, slide, and dodge to master Gripper’s unique movement and combat mechanics. Crush enemies, rip out their weapons, and use them against them. Build the perfect bike, from energy boosters to spawnable drones, mines, and gadgets.
  • Grip and Rip. Control the battlefield with the bike’s hook. Use it to grip the environment, grab and throw explosives or even rip enemies apart. Gripper challenges players to find unique ways to slay each bosses.
  • Cinematic story-driven action. None’s story is one of mystery and loss. Traverse the dystopian cyber landscapes in search of answers to your past. Help None make vital choices. Every answer uncovered is another loved one put at risk, so go forth and save None’s family.
  • Progression and customization. Kill. Upgrade. Repeat. Each gruelling encounter will reward players with a new special ability, lethal gadgets, and sometimes rare skins. Players can customize the Gripper experience to play and look how they want.

Gripper will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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