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Affordable Space Adventures takes flight with free Origin Story content

The temporary discount that Affordable Space Adventures has been treated to in this week’s Nintendo eShop update wasn’t a ruse, with developers KnapNok Games and Nifflas’ Games annou...


Affordable Space Adventures charts a new flight with Free DLC

Affordable Space Adventures, which stands out as one of our favourite Nintendo eShop titles, will receive a free update after summer this year that expands the already memorable journey with new game ...


Nintendo Minute takes Affordable Space Adventures for a spin

Nintendo Minute gets co-operative this week, with Nintendo of America’s Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang taking a trip to Spectaculon in Affordable Space Adventures. Communication is key when taking fl...

Affordable Space Adventures Review

Mankind had once dared to dream beyond the stars. Our curiosity was fuelled by telescopes, culminated with man stepping on the Moon, and has been furthered by probes and unmanned robots searching for ...

9 Amazing

KnapNok Games announce Affordable Space Adventures for Wii U

Danish developer KnapNok Games have announced Affordable Space Adventures, a collaborative effort for Wii U with Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren. Scheduled to release later this year in autumn, i...

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