Affordable Space Adventures charts a new flight with Free DLC


Affordable Space Adventures, which stands out as one of our favourite Nintendo eShop titles, will receive a free update after summer this year that expands the already memorable journey with new game content and fixes.

KnapNok Games and Nifflas’ Games will add five new “extremely difficult” levels for those that have successfully piloted their Small Craft through the main adventure, and will push their skills to the limit.

Calculative reasoning and precise maneuvering are required to traverse their challenging design, perfect to be tackled either in single player or multiplayer modes. Whereas the update will also fix a number of issues that players have discovered in the game, with the developers carefully listening and responding to Miiverse feedback – such as the “Interstellar Glitch.”

Beyond this, the developers have shared plans to release “a more substantial update” as paid DLC down the line, which will expand on Uexplore’s story.

“We had lots of ideas for very tricky puzzles that we couldn’t find room for in the final release of the game. We hope the community will take on the challenge of these new levels,” comments KnapNok Games creative director Lau Korsgaard.

“Besides this free update, we still have lots of other plans for Affordable Space Adventures. In the future, we want to release a more substantial update as paid DLC that will expand the universe of Affordable Space Adventures and tell another chapter of the Uexplore story.”

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