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Adventures Of Pip Review

Things have been better in Pixel Kingdom. So small that it could fit in the palm of your hand, the kingdom, which is populated with hi-rez and lo-rez characters, has fallen foul of Queen DeRezzia̵...

8 Great

Adventures of Pip’s release sees sudden delay to mid-June

After joyfully declaring to the world that Adventures of Pip would see release on May 14th, TicToc Games have shared the disappointing news that we won’t be defeating Queen DeRezzie until mid-Ju...


Adventures of Pip’s Wii U release date set for May 14th

Spotlighted in this month’s Nintendo Direct, TicToc Games have now shared a release date for Adventures of Pip. “The moment everyone has been waiting for and you guys get to hear it first ...


Adventures of Pip achieves Kickstarter funding goal

Prepare to journey from a single-pixel to a fully-formed hero, as TicToc Games have achieved their Kickstarter funding goal for Adventures of Pip. That helps speed the game toward its early 2015 relea...


TicToc Games looking to bring Adventures of Pip to Wii U

TicToc Games have their sights set on Wii U, after Nintendo of America approved the Los Angeles-based indie to develop for the console. That will now see them look to bring Adventures of Pip to the Ni...

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