Activision: We want to help Nintendo see success with Wii U


Activision’s stance towards the Wii U hasn’t changed, with the publisher keen to help Nintendo see the console become a success according to Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg.

“I don’t think we’re slower to move; we’re a very choiceful company. We’re very choiceful in the number of titles we make. We scrutinize opportunities very carefully, and when we go into them we go big,” Hirshberg explained to GamesIndustry International, asked if the level of Wii U sales has altered how the publisher thinks of the platform. “And I think that’s been part of the formula for our success.”

He continues, “We were there with a lot support for the Wii U at launch with a Call of Duty game, with a Skylanders game and with several other titles. We want to see Nintendo be successful and we want to do anything we can to help them be successful.

“Obviously the Wii U is struggling – that’s not a secret, I don’t think there’s any other way to read the narrative right now – but they’re a really good company and they’ve got some incredible IP that has yet to come, that they honed for that platform. We have a vested interest in making them successful.”

Whilst the publisher has supported the console since launch, future plans remain uncertain with Deadpool: The Game skipping Wii U despite prior confirmation and Call of Duty: Ghosts being cast in doubt. If Activision want to aid the console, they need to be clearer in their approach.

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