Activision unveil Wappy Dog, the “next evolution” in Virtual Pet games


Activision have today unveiled the next evolution in the role of virtual pet games, as they are set to release Wappy Dog later this year for Nintendo DS.

Currently in development by SEGA TOYS, Wappy Dog has already been praised by as “the best of the toy world and video-game world.”

Wappy Dog involves a toy puppy that interacts with the Nintendo DS system and will teach young gamers to raise them in both the real and virtual worlds, as you teach them tricks, play mini-games together and even converse!

Your pet’s personality, skills and happiness will continually evolve depending on how you interact with them.

Players will be able to choose between “Home Mode” that allows them to engage with Wappy Dog through the Nintendo DS, or “Travel Mode” which gives on-the-go players a chance to continue caring for and playing with their pet virtually without the physical dog. Once the player returns home, their dog’s progress will then When the player returns home, their dog’s progress instantly transfers to the toy as if they’ve never been apart.

“We were excited about Wappy Dog from the moment we saw it,” comments David Oxford from Activision Publishing. “This one-of-a-kind toy and video game combines a strong emotional bond and exciting virtual experience with the interaction of a physical pet. Wappy Dog is a truly innovative next generation toy and video game that gives kids an instant companion.”


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