Action RPG Hakoniwa Explorer Plus Coming To Nintendo Switch This Month

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus Screenshot

PLAYISM and suxamethonium have announced that Hakoniwa Explorer Plus will release on Nintendo Switch this month.

This voxel art action RPG promises “an unprecedented level of freedom,” where you will have the chance to meet cute monster girls that are waiting to punch, kick, wrap you up, suck your blood or even eat you.

You’re an unemployed drifter who gathers information on nearby dungeons from local villagers, before setting off to conquer them.

There are different weapons that you can wield such as claws, clubs, axes and bows, as well as defensive items like shields, armour, helmets and magical rings.

“This is Suxa (suxamethonium), creator of Hakoniwa Explorer Plus. Originally, this was never intended to be made into a game, but as I went along adding all sorts of new elements and stuff, at some point it kinda became the kind of game that lots of people could enjoy,” the developer explains.

“Then I somehow got a publisher attached, and now it seems the game has actually managed to make it out to market, which is unbelievable. I appear in the game myself, so if you like, please come find me and say hi.”

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 18th June 2020.

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